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Guide to buying a pop up gazebo

Where can you buy a pop up gazebo in Australia? There are many pop up gazebos out there, but not all are created equally. Do you want a throw away gazebo or marquee that can sustain a couple of events or are you looking for a long-term solution? Below is a list with some of the major gazebo and marquee stockists in Australia if you are looking for gazebos.


Questions to ask yourself when looking for the best gazebo to buy

  1. Frequency of use – Will I be using it once a week for a market stall or sports game, or a couple of times a year at a trade show or expo? i.e do you need a heavy duty or commercial gazebo? Do you want one that is compact and light for easy transport? 
  2. How easy is it to erect the pop up gazebo? – am I going to be by myself when putting up the the gazebo? Some pop up gazebos work by pushing the gazebo frame upwards and a spring loaded bolts lock the canopy in position. Some gazebos and marquees require a few lock pins which could possibly require some help – is it an easy up tent or simple collapsible marquee? Watch this ‘up & down in 60 seconds’ video to see how easy it can be to erect your gazebo or marquee.
  3. Does it meet my needs and requirements? Is it big enough to fit everyone and everything under it? (sports gear, eskies, chairs and tables) etc. If you are needing a pop up gazebo for a market stall then make sure you check requirements as usually you will need the smaller 2.4×2.4 gazebo to fit into a standard car park.)


Tips for buying a pop up gazebo:

  1. Thickness of Metal and frame strength – Having thicker frame or reinforced struts will prevent the bars from bending or snapping when put under pressure.  Look at extra strong twin rib reinforced struts for extra strength.
  2. Type of Metal – Many gazebos and marquees on the market are made from steel. These will rust when left in the rain – not only will it look unsightly but it also weakens the frame making it almost unusable. Extra strong aluminium will not corrode which means a bit of rain won’t do any harm. 
  3. Canopy fabric – Although gazebo manufacturers will no doubt claim their gazebo canopy is waterproof, the reality is often far from the truth. A cheap pop up gazebo or marquee is usually made with poorer quality materials and you definitely want a waterproof marquee.
  4. Quality – When you search on the Internet, the price can start at under $100 for a brand new pop-up gazebo but you may only get one use out of it. Here is what you don’t want to happen when you buy a cheap pop up gazebo online. This is one persons bad experience buying a $250 gazebo and the roof collapsed within a few minutes of rain!


Hiring versus buying a small marquee or gazebo

Although hiring a marquee may seem like a cheaper option than buying one, it isn’t necessarily the case. Do your research and you may find that you may only have to pay a marginal amount to own it. Once you’ve made the investment the marquee is yours forever more!

Check out our blog which shows the pro’s and con’s of hiring vs buying a marquee or gazebo


Duramarq is Australia’s leading specialist supplier of marquees

All Duramarq Instant Marquees are designed with our ingenious simple folding frame system. The super smooth opening and closing functionality makes them the perfect shelter solution anytime, anywhere.

Key stand-out features include:

  • Simple, and quick to setup in an instant
  • Compact to store and transport
  • Unlimited indoor and outdoor uses
  • No interfering center poles
  • One piece frame
  • Enhanced strength – twin rib reinforced struts
    and premium 6005-TS aluminium frame construction
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Effective marketing tool when custom branded

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