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5 tips for a white marquee wedding

Whether you’re planning a beach wedding on one of Australia’s coastal locations or a rustic wedding at a farm or rural location or winery, a white marquee is an essential item.

Dreaming of a white marquee wedding?

A marquee wedding means you have shade and shelter for the all-important nuptials. An obvious option is white marquee hire, but have you thought of purchasing? You’ll them have an easy up marquee or gazebo for family functions or camping trips. DURAMARQ marquees can be put up and down in 60 seconds!

DURAMARQ marquees come in a range of sizes. The smaller 3×3 can be used for the ceremony (as shown right) and we have larger marquees that suit a reception.


White marquee wedding idea

Idea for decorating your white marquee: Take a basic 3x3m or 3×4.5m marquee and
add fabric to the corners for a picture-perfect wedding marquee (example stock image)


5 Tips for a white marquee wedding:

  1. Holding a marquee wedding in a place like a park or botanical garden – make sure you check whether you need council permission and a permit fee. You must leave the space as you found it i.e. no rubbish left, and remember not to push nails into anything like permanent structures. There may also be a restriction on the numbers you can invite. The public space you have chosen to host your wedding ceremony may fall into a ‘no alcohol zone’ also. It’s not worth ruining your big day for, so do your homework prior.
  2. Having your wedding at home or a private residence – This option can be more economical, but remember the stress of having to do it yourself. Hiring furniture, organising food or caterers, toilets, heating, parking… If you choose the DIY option you can do things your way. If you purchase your own white folding aluminium gazebo or marquee you’ll be left with a brilliant shade and shelter option for further events.
  3. Decoration – Hanging lanterns, floral arrangements or chandeliers create a dramatic effect. Whether you are wanting an event tent for the reception or a small 3x3m gazebo for the nuptials, we can help you out. Here’s some white marquee wedding inspiration.
  4. Ambience – Simple, subtle mood lighting creates an atmosphere under a marquee that will set a stunning romantic vibe. Even something as simple as strings of fairy-lights and some candles will set-the-scene. Get creative with table settings and centrepieces.
  5. has some great tips for marquee weddings. Bear in mind that hiring a large marquee can be quite an expense but if you buy one you a left with a brilliant piece of semi-permanent infrastructure you can add to your entertaining repertoire!
  Fairy lighting under a white wedding marquee Lighting for your white marquee: String fairy lights and soft fabric to create ambience (example stock image)

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