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Purchasing a cheap pop up gazebo – is it worth the investment?

Would you invest in a gazebo that’s around $100-200? There are many on the market around that price. Read about the pitfalls of purchasing cheap gazebos and marquees.

Before you read any further, if you’re after a cheap pop up gazebo then we can’t help you.
Our gazebos and marquees are high-quality, strong and engineered to stand up for a long time. They’re not the cheapest on the market but we stand behind the quality and strength of the product.

Like a good pair of Italian shoes, our instant gazebo’s will cost more to start with but you’ll get value and mileage out of them and over time the lack of replacement costs will offset the initial outlay. Unlike a shoe where you can buy cheapies and update your style according to the latest trends, pop up gazebos and pop up marquee tents are a long-term investment and we’re going to run you through some reasons as to why you should invest a bit more.


Waterproof vs water resistant

They’re not the same thing. Although most gazebo manufacturers will no doubt claim their product is waterproof, alas, the reality is often far from the truth, remember:  cheap pop up gazebos at the lower end of the market which are made with poorer quality materials.

“I hear a pitter-patter because it’s starting to rain. I think, “hey, nice! I can sit right here, keep reading and enjoy the storm. Because I have shelter. Not!!! Within a few minutes rain water is dripping through the ceiling and it’s starting to pool along the edges of the gazebo roof.”

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Duramarq Instant Marquee and gazebo roofs and sidewalls are manufactured from close-mesh polyester fabric and are waterproof
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Frame strength

An important characteristic of strong gazebos is that when anchored, they can cope with adverse weather conditions. Some websites will offer pop up gazebos in Australia for just over $100-200, but you get what you pay for. Read the fine print and look out for “this gazebo is not recommended to be used under extreme weather conditions or for a prolonged period of time.”

All Duramarq pop up gazebos are designed with extra strong twin rib reinforced struts, but the Typhoon has the heavy duty industrial grade aluminium extrusion.

5 reasons to read gazebo reviews & testimonials

  • See the experience of other buyers
  • To know if the product does what it says
  • To see if it actually has what you need
  • See the products popularity
  • Helps you identify rogue sellers

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